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Space_Play is a design studio run by architectural and urban designers to research, challenge, and develop ideas about the buildings and cities we live in. Our passion for both designing and making has led to establishing a base with dedicated studio space and equipment. We currently operate in-house laser-cutting and 3D printing along with workshop space for the production of architectural model-making and crafted designer products and artwork. We take a proactive stance in developing our own projects, artwork and research, but also accept commissions and collaborations. We are a very small team with extensive experience in architecture and urban design both in the UK and abroad, but our passion lies in collaborating with others to challenge, define, and develop ourselves through every project.

Latest blog posts


Alpha Tower

January 2019

One of my favourite things to do in Birmingham is drive along the A38 through the City, along the old inner ring road, through the Queensway tunnels. The diversity and complexity of the city’s forms with the continually changing views along this route are a treat for the eyes.

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The Rep

May 2017

In our investigations of Birmingham’s brutalist architecture we came across a beautiful story about one building that stands bold, but subtly, and quietly gets on with being a great concrete building; The Birmingham Repertory Theatre.