Welbeck Street Car Park

Welbeck Street Car Park

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Hand cast concrete elevation model of Welbeck Street Car Park in London, comes gift boxed.

Hand-cast, solid concrete sculpture of Michael Blampied’s Welbeck Street car park. Perfect for lovers of brutalism to celebrate an unsung architectural gem of London

Material: Cast concrete.

Size: 13cm high x 14cm wide x 3.5cm deep

Please note:

Our concrete sculptures are individually hand cast in solid concrete. This means that each piece will have distinctive markings and minor blemishes due to air bubbles in the concrete. This is a natural part of the material and will mean that no two pieces are every exactly the same.

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Welbeck Street car park was commissioned as part of a new flagship Debenhams Department store on Oxford Street in the 1960’s. Planning policy at the time required large shopping stores to provide parking facilities and so a design brief was created for a multi-storey car park that included 400 parking spaces, department store storage facilities, and ground floor lettable space

The proposed site was an awkward wedge shape and the architects developed a split level structure with a tessellated façade, both of which had become popular by that time. The design of the façade however, was pioneering with a complex faceted precast module which underwent extensive testing to be perfected. Ramped entrances and exits were proposed on Welbeck Street and Marylebone Lane. The south facade on Henrietta Place exposed a slither of the brick staircore creating a neat break in the external wall that expressed the split floor levels. The structure was completed in 1970 opening the following year to plaudits from the architectural press, with ‘the Architects Journal’ commending its successful approach, and 'Building' writing that it ‘expresses both the function and the construction in a dynamic and visually exciting structure.