Welbeck Street Car Park

Welbeck Street Car Park


A layered 3D elevation artwork portraying Welbeck Street Car Park in London, designed by Michael Blampied and Partners, 1970. A mixture of birch and timber plywood is used to represent the stunning composition of this controversial concrete building which was unfortunately closed for demolition in 2017

Comes mounted and framed in a black box frame

Material: Birch Plywood

Size: 31cm high x 39cm wide.

Edition of 50

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Balfron Tower is a 26-storey residential building in  East End of London. Built in a Brutalist style, it forms part of the Brownfield social housing Estate. It was designed by Ernő Goldfinger in 1963 for the London County Council, built 1965–67

It has been a Grade II* listed building since 1996. Balfron Tower is stylistically similar to Goldfinger's later Trellick Tower in London. The lift shaft sits in a separate service tower, also containing laundry rooms and rubbish chutes, and joined to the residential tower by eight walkways. The service tower is topped by a boiler room. Goldfinger himself was pleased with the design and moved into flat 130, on the 25th floor, for two months in 1968. He and his wife threw champagne parties to find out what the residents liked and disliked about his design. He applied what he learnt to his design for the similar and more famous Trellick Tower in West London.