The Rotunda

The Rotunda


Laser cut layered 3D elevation of the Rotunda, Birmingham, designed by James Roberts in 1965. One of the most recognised and iconic buildings in Birmingham’s skyline. Our elevation artwork shows the podium base and features a curved plywood detail portraying the cylindrical tower.

Comes mounted and framed in a black box frame

Material: Birch Plywood

Size: 39cm high x 31cm wide.

Edition of 100

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A part of the James A. Roberts design for the original Bull Ring Shopping Centre included a 12-storey circular office block. This was revised to 25 storeys, abandoning plans for a rooftop restaurant and a cinema. The design was approved and construction began on the 81 meter building in 1961.

The floors are supported by the core and perimeter columns. When opened, the podium had shops and its own work of art,  The building construction was unique at the time, possibly due to the lack of construction space, and was mostly built at ground floor level then 'jacked up' one floor at a time. This allowed the plant room and boiler house, located on the top floor, to have their equipment installed at ground level, making access easier than having to crane the equipment once the building was complete. The supports for the hydraulic pumps used to jack up the building started to shift towards the New Street Station railway lines so the building's planned height was never completed.