Alpha Tower

Alpha Tower


A layered 3D perspective artwork portraying Alpha Tower designed by George Marsh of Seifert and Partners, 1972. Birch plywood is used to represent the concrete tower, showing the south-east wedge end with an angled cut-away and the eastern glazed facade with faceted angles..

Comes mounted and framed in a black box frame

Material: Birch Plywood

Size: 39cm high x 31cm wide.

Edition size: 50

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Alpha Tower is a twenty-eight storey office building in Birmingham, situated on the site of a former canal basin. The building was designed by George Marsh of Richard Seifert Partners, and was one part of the proposed Associated Television development built between 1970-72.

 The original scheme was a lot grander than that eventually built.  Known as 'The Paradise Centre' it was to include a conference hall, shops, an air terminal, a hotel and offices.  The thirty-five storey version of Alpha Tower- to be the centre of the scheme- was designed to taper from a splayed base and to have thin, flat top.  After a few years of delays due to objection from the General Post Office and the city council regarding the scale of the development, the amended twenty-eight storey Alpha Tower as we know it today was constructed- the cranked plan form remaining, but the tapering form altered. Alpha Tower remained the Associated Television headquarters up until 1982, when ownership was then handed over to Birmingham City Council who remained tenants until 2010.  In 2014 it was bought by the Anglo Scandinavian Estates Group- who have refurbished the building as offices to let.